Rolex Rose Gold Series watches

replica watches Eternity Rose Gold Series watch sounds like a slogan, but the ad terminology encountered Rolex (Rolex Rolex) when most of the time behind a new solution, and most of the full display of product strength. It is true that this time, "eternal rose gold" to become a registered patent, the content is an alloy, rose gold in 18K in the more 1% to 4% platinum, so that rose gold will not fade, so the Chinese call it eternal rose gold . To not fade eternal rose gold to create the Rolex Daytona, if you find some die hard fans, regardless of the cost of picking a life in this life are not allowed to change the table, this table must be ranked in the top ten.

Featuring a unique 18-ton eternal rose gold, this week's calendar features a unique shiny finish with a chocolate-colored dial, hour markers on 8 dial diamonds and two rectangular rubies at 6 and 9 o'clock. replica watches uk eternal rose gold This watch Oyster strap and the case used in 18 ct eternal rose gold, cast by Rolex own casting plant, and then sent to the factory for processing. This pink alloy by the Rolex on its own research and development, but also joined the platinum, so that pink gold distribution of an unparalleled meticulous warm colors.

In addition, the molding, processing and polishing processes have received more careful care, so that 18 ct eternal rose gold sparkling unique Guanghua distribution. Oyster case - excellent waterproof symbol 36 mm calendar type oyster-type case, to ensure that water 100 meters, is the perfect proportion and elegant style of the model. The unique mid-range case is made of solid 18 ct solid gold. The bottom cover is tightened by a special tool from the Rolex watchmaker to completely seal the case.

On the chain crown with a patented two-button lock waterproof system, and firmly tightened on the case. Triangle pit outside the ring for the Rolex of a great aesthetic features. Mirror Zeyi scratch-resistant blue crystal glass manufacturing, at 3 o'clock position with convex-type magnifying calendar window, easy to read the date. Fully sealed day calendar type oyster-type case gives the best movement of the best protection. 3155 Movement - advanced precision timepieces Week calendar equipped with fully developed by the rolex replica self-winding mechanical movement 3155 movement. As with all constant movement, the Model 3155 has received official accreditation. The certificate is issued exclusively to precision watches successfully tested by the Swiss Precision Timepiece Testing Center (COSC). The structure of this movement and all Oyster-type movement is the same, are accurate and reliable. As the heart of the watch parts, the balance wheel with a patented blue PARACHROM gossamer Rolex, a unique alloy to create their own. This gossamer is not subject to magnetic interference, when the temperature is still very stable, than the traditional gossamer seismic force ten times higher.

Comfortable and elegant Oyster strap This week-style oyster-style bracelet with 18 ct eternal rose gold, with crown buckle. This elegant solid chain strap developed by Rolex and patented, comfortable to wear, the operation is also very simple. Moderate the introduction of new technology is necessary, in fact, this is no bad, at least on the table fans, to determine the year is much easier. Rolex led many to carry forward, but also developed a lot of non-table fans probably never understand, such as the crown on the bottom or a bar or 0, if it is 0 need to be in line and so on, any over-obsessed with Rolex Of people, should be able to say on a long list.